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The only travel business software that puts you in the driver seat.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management

They are the lifeline of your business. So give them the attention they deserve: never forget an email or a birthday or their favourite beach.

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Inventory Distribution
Inventory Distribution

There's no joy in travel if you don't share it. Share your inventory with more potential travellers with a click of a button.

Inventory Distribution
Tour Design

Don't leave a single minute of your tour unaccounted for. Use our smart tour designer to make sure that you have booked all the activites, transportation, and accommodations.

Inventory Distribution
You are the driver

Forget getting frustrated by cumbersome technlogy and wishing you could have the features you actually want. At We Heart Tours we pride ourselves in letting our customers shape the tools they love.

Limited Beta version is open to public

We are now accepting travel business owners and prefessionals to join our Beta Program. Are you ready to take the driver's seat?


Meet the team that's going to make your dreams come true.

Adrian Mocanu

Adrian Mocanu

Adrian comes from the world of lean startups. He is user and product focused; his chief job is to make sure the product is built with the user in mind. This means building the features you need to manage your tours better and get to the more important things in life faster.

Alex Bryukhanova

Alex Bryukhanova

Alex had found herself at the crossroads of travel and technology in late 2011, dreaming of a connected, effortless global travel. Today she is working on making these dreams a reality, learning about the travel industry and applying her extensive knowledge of software to make this world just a little bit smaller.


Giving credit where it's due.

The amazing splash image at the top of our page was taken by Michael Lorentz of Passage to Africa.

We believe that all journeys begin with a dream and end with an extraordinary story. We aim to make that story unique and provide the ultimate in personalised service. From our bases in both East and Southern Africa a dedicated and expert team is there to show you, your family and friends, an Africa inaccessible to all but the very few.
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