Beta Program Terms & Conditions

Your payment to join Beta Program is used as a binding agreement for services on the We Heart Tours platform. Upon making the payment you hereby agree to these terms and conditions and waive your right to sue the We Heart Tours company, its founders, and members of the staff.

Beta Program offers

  • Unlimited number of itineraries created.
  • Full immediate access to any and all features as soon as they are released on the platform.
  • Users are sent a newsletter/notice about upcoming release of new features a week prior.
  • A brief overview of the upcoming features and ongoing tutorials and training.
  • Ongoing technical support via email and Skype office hours.

Participant obligations

Upon joining the program you are expected to participate as follows

  • Regular/daily use of the platform.
  • Regularly recurring Skype sessions to provide feedback.
  • Semi-regular written feedback via email or online questionnaire.

Service duration

The one time Beta Access payment entitles you to unlimited use of the platform for the duration of the Beta program. Currently the program is scheduled to end in January 2020. Users will be notified of any changes to the release schedule. Notifications regarding the service pricing after the end of the Beta Program will be sent 3 months prior to the end of the program.

Service termination

In the event of shutdown of We Heart Tours platform and associated services at any time in the duration of the Beta Program, a full refund will be issued to all participating users.

To cancel your membership at any time email us at and we will cancel your account, no questions asked.

Account closure

No refund will be issued if you decide to leave the platform during the Beta Program. You will receive a full backup copy of your data and it will be erased from our servers.

Legal representation

You guarantee that you are a legit company and do not engage in evil stuff.

Prohibited activities

You can't use We Heart Tours to scam, kidnap, or endanger customers in any way. This will result in an immediate termination of your account without refund and possibly further legal action.